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Recovery Coaching


I can help you with your recovery from all addictions as well as codependency.  For those who are not comfortable with going to meetings but want what the 12 step program has to offer, I can take you through the steps as well as offer Buddhist principles which are so helpful to developing a strong recovery.  I also do codependency Coaching based on what I have learned from my own recovery.  After 20 years as an alcohol and drug counselor, now retired, I bring all that knowledge to the coaching experience.  

Mindfulness Coaching


I use very basic principles that I have learned as a Vajrayana Buddhist practitioner.  These concepts offer a technology for creating happiness and compassion.  They help us to understand the interdependence of all things which enable us to do our best to be helpful to ourselves and others.  

Health Coaching


I am an independent certified health coach.  I help people develop healthy habits through exercise, the keto life style, and promoting a healthy emotional life.  A healthy weight can reduce the chance of developing many health problems later in life.    I bring all my experience with traditional training in Psychology as my expertise in eating disorders from running one of the first eating disorder units in the country.  

Private Practice Coaching


Since I have had a successful private practice business for the last 25 years I can help you get started whether you are a social worker, therapist or if you want to be a health or recovery coach.  

Thought for the day



I don’t really believe in New Years resolutions.  My Buddhist practice teaches me that each day is precious and that living in the moment brings the most happiness.  I was asleep by 8 pm last night and I rose early at about 5 which is my favorite time of day.  


When my sister died of a heart attack at age 54, I realized that with the genetics in my family I could no longer rest on my laurels.  So I made the commitment to my health even more stringently.  I am early to bed and early to rise, to the occasional chagrin of my husband.  I eat in a healthy way 6 times per day with restricted calories.  I do indulge once per month and am always happy to return to my discipline after that wonderful day is over.  I exercise regularly in a moderate way.  I do walking, kettle bell swings, and restorative yoga except when I am sick…then I go to bed and rest until I have good energy to resume my activities.    More on.....My Blog





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Listen to my podcast Happe Health for seniors and others. It is on all listening platforms. 

My podcast

I do my best to teach these basic concepts that Pema Chodron speaks of in this interview with Oprah.

Interview on Food Attachment

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