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Title. Double click me.

Title. Double click me.

About me


I began this adventure upon graduating from Cal State University Los Angeles with a Masters in Psychology.  It was my dream to teach college level Psychology which I was able to do for a few years after getting my Masters.  The teaching market was bleak at that time so I went into business  representing artists and photographers in advertising.  


When my son Wes was born I decided to begin working with addicts and codependents and from there directed one of the first Eating Disorder Units in the country.  When the riots happened in the early 90's I decided to move from LA to the Reno area of Nevada.  I fell in love with the high desert and set up a private practice doing primarily spiritual counseling.  I got my license as a drug and alcohol counselor and have had a private practice there since 1992.  


In 2014 I retired my license to do what I really love, coaching.  I love to do recovery coaching, codependency coaching, mindfulness coaching and health coaching where I help people lose weight using the Ketogenic Diet and other plans in order to develop healthy habits on my quest to contribute to  the worlds  health.  In all of my coaching I draw from very basic Buddhist Principles which when contemplated and applied contribute greatly to happiness.  When we are happy and grateful, we tend to be able to successfully persue a healthy life style.  

I have started a keto support group online using skype.  If you are interested email me or call me. 


I do my work in person, on the phone. on face time and skype.                                                                 Credit Cards, Venmo and Paypal accepted

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